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Lived in Kenya, UK, & now Singapore. Love meeting people, reading, & playing sport. Enjoy everything from Entrepreneurship to Education to Ecology.
Old and Young — where is the world headed? by Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash

How understanding demographics can show us the future

“Working longer and harder” : Photo by Kahar Erbol on Unsplash

Lists are a terrible waste of your time and mine. Here’s a list to explain why.

’10 ways to waste your time’ : Photo by Tristan Colangelo on Unsplash
  1. There is no nuance in a list, which means that the topic is either really basic or the article is incomplete and oversimplified.
  2. The headlines draw you in but the substance leaves you wanting.
  3. They are used by even the most reputable of news sources e.g. New York Times, BBC News because they get more clicks. They think that wasting pixels is not a problem like wasting printed column inches, despite the damage it does to their reputations.
  4. There is always one of the points that is repeated in a slightly modified fashion to help get an attractive number in…

Different takes on leadership, from submarines to presidents

‘Path to Greatness’ Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash
  • Have you ever had a terrible boss at work?
  • Are you about to take on a leadership role but don’t feel ready?
  • Do you want to be a leader?
  • Or do you just want to learn more about some fascinating people?

“Empty Offices” by LYCS Architecture on Unsplash

“Leaving for the last time” © Image owned by

The easy route to fantastic conversations with new people

“Great Conversations, Any Location” : Photo by Start Digital on Unsplash
  • What’s your Name? Steve
  • What do you do? Finance
  • Where are you from? London

‘Quarantine’ : Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

William Rudd

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